Zoran Zaev’s scandalous adviser Dragi Raskovski was filmed using a volvo SUV which he hasn’t listed in his mandatory income report. A 360 Degrees crew filmed Raskovski using the vehicle for private purposes, but making sure he avoids using it in more visible setting, especially when going to work. All officials are required to periodically list their property in cash, real-estate and vehicles, so that the the public and watchdogs can observe how it changes during their term in office.

Meanwhile, Alsat-M TV is reporting that Raskovski is building a luxurious villa north of Skopje. According to the TV station, just the price of the land is estimated at 100,000 EUR, which, like the SUV, is beyond the reach of an official on a public salary. An 11,000 square meter lot in the village of Pobozje is listed in Raskovski’s latest property report and its value estimated at 100,000 EUR. It was not in his report made for 2019, meaning that he bought it in the meantime. Alsat-M reports that Raskovski listed his two underage children as investors in teh villa which is currently under construction. The construction plan provides for a huge complex on 800 square meters, with a pool, a fitness room, a billiard room and other amenities.

Raskovski is facing an investigation into the scandal in which he got the Interior Ministry to purchase an unnecessary software he developed for 80,000 EUR just months after being made Secretary General of Zaev’s cabinet. A number of other, much larger corruption scandals over the past years were overlooked by the prosecutors.

Biljana Ivanovska, President of the DKSK Anti-Corruption Commission, said that this report emphasizes the need for a new law that would allow investigating the origin of the property of people in power. She said that DKSK will report to the financial police if it determines that Raskovski’s property report is not realistic.

Raskovski is embattled from media outlets and commentators who are normally supportive of the Zaev regime, indicating that he could be thrown under the bus by the Prime Minister. His recent family trip to Mexico sparked rumors that he may try to flee the country, and after his return he has avoided the media, canceling an already arranged TV interview.