The sanctions introduced will cause huge damage to Europe too. In fact, since the war, so in half a year Russia has earned 158 billion euros in revenue from increased energy exports. This is more than Russia’s total annual export revenue for 2021. In addition, half of this money, 85 billion euros were paid by the countries of the European Union. It’s safe to say that the sanctions made the European people poorer and Russia didn’t fall on its knees. This weapon fired backwards, with the sanctions Europe shot itself in the foot, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban wrote on Facebook.

In Brussels, in June, the bureaucrats promised that sanctions would bring the end of the war. We don’t see the end of the war today either, and energy bills skyrocketed. The sanctioned energy prices are not, or it is very difficult for European enterprises to manage. We are waiting for elections, all of Europe is waiting for an answer from Brussels to the question, how long we are going to do this. If this goes on, all of Europe will sink. It’s time to get honest with our American friends about this. Until it’s too late.

More and more angry people in Europe. We are in denial, we are too. Brussels bureaucrats must understand that it is not possible to gamble with the fate of entire economies and millions of people. This is irresponsible! And to answer high energy bills by sending them to Moscow is a hurtful and offensive act. No surprise when angry and feeling duped people are replacing governments of countries supporting sanctions one after another, Orban wrote.