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Economy 29.10.21 | 09:35

Vice Zaev, Trajce Zaev… the Zaev family took a loan from Eurostandard Bank and did not repay it

Vice Zaev, the brother of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, came out of the ownership of the company Sara Engineering DOO Strumica, which has a suspicious and disputed debt in Eurostandard Bank of about 600 thousand euros and has not paid a single installment 620 days before the closure of the bank last year....

Economy 29.04.21 | 10:57

The husband of Judicial Council president of Pavlina Crvenkovska owes 1.6 million euros to Eurostandard Bank

The robbed Eurostandard Bank depositors, just before the election of Pavlina Crvenkovska as President of the Judicial Council, remind of her husband’s debt to Eurostandard Bank. They say that behind the robbery of their deposits there is a well-organized network of various fraudsters. This network...

Economy 09.03.21 | 17:33

Damaged depositors: Why is Ljupco Nikolovski silent about the high-level crime and corruption in “Eurostandard Bank”?

The damaged depositors are asking why is Ljupco Nikolovski silent about the high-level crime and corruption in “Eurostandard Bank”. Deputy Prime Minister Ljupco Nikolovski announced a fierce and uncompromising fight against crime and corruption in the country, announcing 2021 as an anti-corruption...

Economy 08.02.21 | 20:46

Four people from Eurostandard Bank management suspected of being involved in bank failure

Four people from the Eurostandard bank management are suspected of being involved in the bank’s collapse. The Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation against them and suspects that they distributed millions of euros without cover. Businessman Trifun Kostovski, as the main shareholder...

Economy 01.02.21 | 09:43

About 2,000 companies were robbed in the large robbery at Eurostandard Bank

The damaged depositors from Eurostandard Bank announce that in the coming period, through press releases to the media, they will bring to light the evidence of how the robbery of deposits in the bank took place. Through examples we will prove that loans given to various legal entities were given without...

Economy 18.01.21 | 09:41

Eurostandard damaged depositors: Governor Bezoska is an accomplice in the organized crime

The Association of Damaged Depositors, in its latest public reaction, says that for years, the National Bank, ie the Governor Anita Angelovska Bezoska, tolerated the continuous theft of their deposits led by the persons in managerial positions in Eurostandard Bank. The damaged depositors accuse that...

Economy 05.01.21 | 09:34

The companies that Zaev personally knows to “show solidarity” and return the money to the victims of the Eurostandard “fire”

The Association of damaged depositors from Eurostandard Bank welcomes the initiative of Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to help the store owners of the charred part of the “Global” shopping mall, but remind that the “fire” that occurred in Eurostandard Bank was a thousand times bigger...

Macedonia 17.11.20 | 12:04

VMRO-DPMNE: Damaged depositors testify that Vice Zaev committed a crime in Eurostandard Bank

The depositors of Eurostandard Bank confirmed that Vice Zaev through the company “Sara Inginering” took a loan of 600,000 euros two years ago and did not pay any installments. This is money of depositors, which cannot be collected now. The depositors testify that it is organized crime. As...

Macedonia 13.11.20 | 15:43

Milososki: Vice Zaev’s company and 29 other Strumica companies profited with almost 13 million euros from non-payment of loans to Eurostandard Bank

During a debate in Parliament, VMRO-DPMNE MP, Antonio Milososki pointed out to the Governor of the NBRM, Anita Angelovska-Bezoska that 29 companies close to the Zaev family, including Vice Zaev’s company “Sara Inzenering”, “Global Media Group”, as well as “Triterol”,...

Economy 22.10.20 | 09:21

Damaged Eurostandard Bank depositors: The leading role in this series is played by the National Bank

The damaged Eurostandard Bank depositors issued a statement stating their position on the bank’s collapse. They explain that in this, as they call the season of “The collapse of Eurostandard Bank” in which, in addition to the lead actors who participate in every episode of the series,...

Economy 21.10.20 | 14:05

The VMRO-DPMNE-led opposition is demanding an oversight hearing on Eurostandard Bank

VMRO-DPMNE’s group in Parliament today will submit to Parliament a request for conducting an oversight hearing to determine the reasons and enforcement of laws in the procedure for bringing Eurostandard Bank to bankruptcy. The initiative is supported by the entire opposition bloc, VMRO-DPMNE, the...

Economy 20.10.20 | 16:23

Milososki: Is Eurostandard Bank the second TAT?

MP Antonio Milososki asked on Facebook whether Eurostandard Bank is the second TAT and which companies benefited from loans worth millions, whether these companies were close to the ruling family.

Economy 15.09.20 | 11:23

Fund starts reimbursing Eurostandard Bank depositors

The Deposit Insurance Fund is starting Tuesday to reimburse depositors of Eurostandard Bank. The maximum insured amount, defined by law, is 1.850.889 denars (EUR 30,000). The reimbursement process will take place through Komercijalna Banka, NLB Banka, Stopanska Banka AD Skopje and Halkbank. Depositors...

Economy 14.08.20 | 18:07

Kostovski: Attack on Eurostandard Bank prepared for months, those who knew withdrew their money

Businessman Trifun Kostovski, owner of Eurostandard Bank said at Friday’s press conference that a scenario had been prepared for the bank to fail, and at the same time those who knew from the National Bank that the bank would close, withdrew their money. This is a well-planned attack on Eurostandard...

Economy 13.08.20 | 17:40

Crowds of people waiting for information outside branches of collapsed Eurostandard Bank

Many dissatisfied citizens wait for hours in front of the branches of Eurostandard Bank to get some information what to do next after the bank collapsed and lost its license yesterday. 136 thousand people are waiting for the return of their savings deposits in the total value of 71.5 million euros, while...

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