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Balkans 01.09.20 | 10:44

Protesters hurt as political tensions rise in Montenegro

Several protesters were injured in Podgorica in clashes between supporters of the ruling DPS party and the opposition coalition which narrowly won the general elections. Police was sent to keep the two sides apart. According to the Vijesti newspaper, DPS supporters were gathered in a cafe when they were...

Macedonia 14.08.20 | 10:46

Montenegro to open border for Macedonian tourists

Montenegro is plans to open its border for Macedonian citizens, but will likely require they show negative coronavirus tests. A Montenegrin health official told Vijesti that the country is also opening the borders for citizens of Serbia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo. The important tourism sector pushed...

Balkans 22.07.20 | 10:41

Montenegro declares a state of epidemic due to increase of COVID-19 incidence

Montenegro’s COVID-19 crisis management team on Tuesday declared a state of epidemic following a resurgence in the reported cases of this infection. Therefore, wearing protective masks is mandatory in all open and enclosed public spaces except on beaches and in national parks provided that social distancing...

Balkans 30.06.20 | 17:53

Montenegro opens last chapter in EU entry talks

Montenegro on Tuesday opened the last chapter in its EU accession negotiations and has to date closed three. The accession negotiations are divided into 35 policy chapters but negotiations are held on 33. As of today, Montenegro has opened all 33 and closed only three. Today it opened chapter 8, on market...

Macedonia 01.06.20 | 09:46

Montenegro puts Macedonia on the coronavirus black list

Montenegro revised the list of countries whose citizens will be allowed to enter without preconditions, and left Macedonia out of the revised list. Macedonia was initially not on the list, was later added but is now out again. The reason is the high number of active coronavirus cases in Macedonia, where...

Macedonia 29.05.20 | 09:42

Montenegro opens its border for Macedonian tourists

Montenegro updated its list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter and has added Macedonia to the list. Montenegro, whose economy largely depends on tourism receipts, has used coronavirus statistics as a basis to determine which countries will be put on the white list. Macedonia has some of...

Macedonia 26.05.20 | 19:02

Montenegro will open its borders but Macedonian citizens will likely not be allowed in, because of the high infection rate

Montenegro is planning to reopen the borders, but Macedonia may be left out of the number of countries whose citizens will be allowed in. A requirement will be that the country has less than 25 infected per 100.000 citizens. This will likely apply to countries like Germany, Austria and Poland, who are...

Macedonia 24.03.20 | 11:30

Convoy with 63 Macedonian citizens arrives from Montenegro, all are ordered into quarantine

A group of 63 Macedonian citizens have returned from Montenegro this morning, through Kosovo. They arrived in a bus and 19 cars and are all being sent to mandatory quarantine. Meanwhile, 15 Montenegrin citizens are being sent back, also using a bus.

Macedonia 24.02.20 | 10:29

Macedonian citizens caught transporting 12 kilos of heroin to Montenegro

Two Macedonian citizens were arrested by Montenegrin police as they were transporting 12 kilograms of heroin. The man and woman were caught on the Kosovo – Montenegro border, following a joint operation by the police forces of Macedonia and Montenegro. The drugs were kept in 24 packages hidden...

Balkans 27.12.19 | 10:58

Tensions in Montengro as Parliament adopts law that could lead to seizure of property of the Serbian church

Incidents occurred in the Parliament of Montenegro yesterday, when a law that could lead to the seizure of churches owned by the Serbian Orthodox Church was adopted. The opposition pro-Serbian Democratic Front protested before the vote, and a large security detail was sent in to remove them from the...

Macedonia 01.03.19 | 16:04

Montenegro’s Parliament ratifies NATO Accession Protocol

Montenegro’s Parliament ratified Friday Macedonia’s NATO Accession Protocol. The session was also attended by Parliament Speaker, Talat Xhaferi. Montenegro’s Parliament Speaker Ivan Brajovic congratulated North Macedonia and Greece on the Prespa Agreement, which put an end to the decades-long...

Balkans 02.01.19 | 10:53

Montenegro gives passports in exchange for investment

Foreign investors can now obtain Montenegrin passports based on investments in development projects. The Montenegrin government’s decision on “economic citizenship” came into force on Tuesday, Montenegro-based website CdM is reporting. An investor can get Montenegrin citizenship in...

Balkans 26.12.18 | 14:58

Montenegro to expel monks and priests: report

Montenegro intends to expel more than 30 monks and priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC), Belgrade daily Vecernje Novosti writes. Along with members of their families, this concerns about fifty citizens who work in that country. The newspaper is reporting that under the guise of regulations on...