The Skopje City General Hospital ‘8 September’ is prepared to deal with the spread of the coronavirus, the government said in a press release on Monday.

Thus far, only coronavirus patients and those suspected to have been infected with the virus who required various surgical procedures were admitted to the hospital.

Now, depending on demand, hospital space and staff will be reorganized.

One third of the hospital’s capacity, the press release underlined, is designated to serve as quarantine area complete with operating rooms and necessary instruments for performing surgeries on patients suspected to be infected with COVID-19.

“Protocols have been established for patients in life-threatening condition to be treated as infected with coronavirus and undergo surgery immediately. Those who are not in life-threatening condition and are suspected to have COVID-19, will be isolated and tested for the virus,” the press release read.

Hospital authorities are constantly monitoring the coronavirus situation in the country and are ready to act in line with new developments.