The Public Revenue Administration refutes the allegations made by VMRO – DPMNE and dismisses attempts to propagate speculations. The institution asserts that the statements by VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski, regarding purportedly committed crimes related to a VAT refund, are entirely false. The Public Revenue Administration extends an invitation to Naum Stoilkovski, making its Tax Academy available to him for complimentary education on fundamental tax terms and processes. Stoilkovski, during the press conference, is accused of making broad and inaccurate assertions about a VAT refund without possessing basic knowledge of tax terminology and procedures. The Administration clarifies that the mentioned companies are not implicated in the oil affair.

It is reiterated that the IRS has not issued any refunds to the taxpayers mentioned by VMRO – DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski.

Concerning the current case highlighted by VMRO – DPMNE, it is disclosed that the taxpayer had advance tax claims amounting to 110,384,303.00 denars. The Public Revenue Administration emphasizes that no refund was processed, nor was it offset against other tax debts, for the aforementioned amount. The right to deduct previous tax is reflected as a tax claim in tax returns, but upon scrutiny, it was not acknowledged due to the lack of submitted documentation justifying the expressed advance claims. The taxpayer is now held responsible for VAT, and additional VAT has been determined. The IRS has notified the Financial Police Administration to initiate further procedures for this taxpayer, as well as for the case mentioned yesterday.

In the preceding case highlighted by Stoilkovski, the assertion of a realized VAT refund is debunked. The taxpayer submitted tax returns with a tax claim – advance payments reserved for future periods, not as refund requests presented to the public. The total claim for the advance returns amounts to MKD 32,944,089, for which the Public Revenue Administration has not issued a refund or conducted any set-off with other tax debts. Similar to the previous case, the right to deduct previous tax was not recognized during taxpayer scrutiny due to the lack of documentation justifying the advance claims. The IRS has once again informed the Financial Police Administration to undertake necessary procedures.

It is reiterated that no refunds have been issued to the companies mentioned by VMRO – DPMNE. These companies are revealed to have tax debts, and based on established conditions and evidence from conducted controls, they have been referred to the Financial Police Administration for further investigation, in accordance with legal competencies. The IRS, in its denial statement, urges VMRO – DPMNE to abstain from disseminating falsehoods and speculations, emphasizing the importance of providing accurate information to the public and avoiding any misleading tactics.