Kumanovo is drowning in urban chaos. He is drowning in incompetence both at the central and the local level. That is why we want to encourage all citizens in Kumanovo that the renewal is coming. It brings renewal of dignity, culture, tourism, science, infrastructure and health, the head of the list of the coalition “Renewal of Macedonia”, Vlado Misajlovski, said in an interview with “Kumanovo News”.

Asked about the projects promoted in the “Renewal of Macedonia” election program, he says the concept of the program is based on the need to renew Macedonia in every area after the devastating rule of SDSM over the past three years.

We built the “Renewal of Macedonia” concept in direct communication with citizens across the country, we held talks on renewing Macedonia and therefore we are convinced that this concept is a realistic view of the problems and by hiring top experts we offer solutions to those problems, Misajlovski said.

He said the “Renewal” program projected GDP growth of 4-5% per year, reduction of unemployment rate below 10% by creating new high-quality and well-paid jobs, increase of salaries by 25% in a period of four years, domestic and foreign investments in the amount of 4 billion euros, modern industrialization and increase of export competitiveness, increase of number of domestic and foreign tourists, farmer subsides, major infrastructure investments, raising the quality of health services, environmental protection and so on…

In the interview, Misajlovski says he expects a convincing victory of the “Renewal of Macedonia” coalition in the second electoral district as well as everywhere in Macedonia, which will ensure a stable majority in parliament, and then serious work to renew Macedonia in every  area.