Alarmingly, there is no coronavirus prevention at Skopje Airport, and the incompetence of Filipce and the government is paid by the citizens. The incompetence in every field is reflected in the health care, but here the price is the health of the citizens. The control fails and inadmissible omissions are made at the border crossings. Proof that this is so, is the director of the Dermatology Clinic, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson Naum Stoilkovski said late on Monday, who added:

She entered the country 10 days ago without being detected that she had been infected with the coronavirus. So, we have at least one case out of control for the Covid virus that crosses the border here at Skopje International Airport. We suspect the government and Filipce are also hiding other cases of coronavirus outbreaks. The authorities led by Zaev and Filipce have no control and access to tackling and stopping the spread of the dangerous virus and therefore they should immediately resign and the work to be taken over by professionals. Resignation for Filipce, stop for the incompetent government. “