Two Albanian protesters have been detained after the violent protests in downtown Skopje yesterday. Protesters threw rocks at the police, injuring a dozen officers, while demanding that the sentences of a group of Albanian islamists who carried out the 2012 Good Friday massacre are revoked.

The two detainees are aged 19 and 22, and were recorded throwing rocks, metal bars and other objects toward the police, and trying to push through the cordon. A journalist was also injured during this violent push.

Meanwhile, the Alliance of Albanians and Alternative parties condemned the arrest of the two protesters, accusing the police of heavy handed tactics, but also Prime Minister Zaev of double standards. The opposition Albanian parties remind Zaev how he and his supporters also attacked the police and public institutions during his 2015-16 Colored Revolution. “Do you remember when you threw rocks on the institutions and nobody prevented you? You even set a public office on fire. And now you prevent a peaceful protest only because the protesters are Albanians”, the two parties say, while demanding that those who are detained be released.