Reinstatement of the Zlatno Slavejce festival, greater financial support for the Skopje Jazz Festival are just some of the solutions that Danela Arsovska presented at Sunday’s press conference as part of the cultural program of the independent candidate for mayor of the City of Skopje.

Skopje needs new energy, it needs cultural events. Skopje will be a city of festivals. We plan to hold at least 12 festivals, one festival for each month of the year. The Zlatno Slavejce festival, which is a symbol of Skopje, will be reinstated. The city will continue and increase its support for the Skopje Jazz Festival. Only in that way will the popularization, holding and growth of this festival be guaranteed, which takes its place on the list of the highest quality jazz festivals in this part of Europe, said Arsovska.

She added that in addition to functional Universal Hall, an open-air concert arena will be built. As part of the program is the revival of the Old Bazaar through the Rhythm of the Bazaar project, and additional care will be paid to the preservation and popularization of Kurshumli An, Kapan An, Suli An, Cifte Amam, Daut-Pashin Amam and Bezisten. In cooperation with the Municipality of Aerodrom, we will invest in a new multifunctional cultural center in Novo Lisice with a cinema and theater in the Municipality of Aerodrom, while the realization of the “Young People Are Creating” project in MKC will help all young artists by supporting new and alternative events, she said.

She also said that organization of the International Biennial of the City of Skopje in memory of the Skopje earthquake is also planned, through the organization of art colonies and exhibitions that will give a picture of the development of Skopje through an artistic prism. According to Arsovska, there were many promises without realization, especially when it comes to the promises for renovation of the Universal Hall.