Bojan Jovanovski’s godmother Meri Dika Gjeorgievska testified at today’s hearing in the “Racket” case. Dika explained that she had a close relationship with Bojan’s mother with whom were friends since childhood.

Prosecutor Smakjoska asked the witness about Bojan’s work after returning from Belgrade. She explained that he worked on projects for vulnerable categories. Dika confirmed that she has been in Bojan’s apartment in Orman.

The judge asked her how the Jovanovski family lived and said that it was a typical Macedonian family.

Dika’s sister was Vice President of the International Association. She said that although she was at the establishment, she did not know much about the work of the Association. Jovanovski asked to confirm the close relationship they have with his family and that besides the joint trip they also had other trips to which she responded affirmatively.