Bulgaria today extradited Igor Spasov, the former police officer sentenced to 14 years in prison for the brutal murder of the young Martin Neskovski in 2011. Spasov has been escorted back to the Idrizovo prison to serve out the remaining half of his sentence.

The murder, perpetrated during the large celebration organized by the VMRO-DPMNE party for its electoral win, shocked the country. Spasov tried to cover up the fact that he beat up the 20 year old boy to death after a minor verbal altercation.

The case was politically manipulated by the SDSM party, which made it one of the center-pieces of hts 2015 Colored Revolution. SDSM aired edited audio recordings to claim that the leadership of VMRO-DPMNE and the Government tried to cover up the murder and protect Spasov. This caused violent protests in Skopje during which SDSM attempted to storm the Government building. The full tapes were released years later and they completely exonerated the VMRO leadership.


In the mean time, Spasov got legal representation from the personal lawyer of SDSM leader Zoran Zaev, and once SDSM was in power, Zaev cordially met with him in the Idrizovo prison. Shortly after, he was given a lengthy medical release from which he never returned to prison. He was eventually located in Sofia, where he lived with a local girlfriend, who reported him to the police because of his violent temper.