Mr. Zaev should say where were the services that failed to detect the sick or not sick Mijalkov, university professor Ljubomir Cuculovski said on the “Samo intervju” show on TV Kanal 5, adding that these are little strange and confusing things.

He says that according to the video we could see, it did not show at all that Mijalkov had high fever the night before, because he acted quite well, casually with a very strong and energetic voice.

So the question is, what actually happened in those 46 or 48 hours? The government should say exactly what happened and why it could not control a country that according to its dimensions is quite small and a small number of population where everyone is a relative or in some kind of relationship with everyone, said Cuculovski.

According to Cuculovski, the excuses that the system is to blame and the shifting of blame from one to the other, only mean trying to deceive the public and that the government is not functioning properly.