The passports are expected to arrive German in a week, according to the Ministry of Interior’s communication with the company Veridos that produces them. Minister Nake Culev informed on Saturday.

According to the agreement, the passports should arrive on March 24. We are in constant communication and we are pressuring the German firm Veridos to provide the passports and we have a certain promise that the passports should arrive in 7-10 days, according to the agreement, which means before March 24. All needs will be met. As MoI we now have a plan to increase the number of enforcement agents in issuing and making passports. According to the capacities of the Ministry, which means the production of travel documents, the daily possibilities are up to three thousand passports so that given that there is a demand of 27 to 28 thousand passports all needs would be met in up to 10 days, the minister said.