Former VMRO-DPMNE MP Ilija Dimovski said that this year we live as if we do not have a state, believing that such a dysfunctional system requires the formation of an expert government which will include the greatest minds in the country.

From that aspect, we have a totally dysfunctional system in the country. That is a sufficient reason to come to a situation in which Macedonia will have another government, it is a final line along which a the country should move in this period. After all, according to Zaev’s statement a month ago, when he asked for some inclusion of the opposition in the executive branch, he himself says that a new government is needed in the country and that is why I think and I would be happy if through these talks and negotiations we come to a situation where the state gets an expert government. At the moment we need to use the capacities of the greatest minds. There are many professors, there are many members of the academy, members of the business community, successful Macedonians outside Macedonia and I think that an expert government should be formed, of course the prime minister of that government should not be a leader from SDSM or the opposition, Dimovski said.