DUI party official Bujar Osmani condemned the pre-election coalition formed between SDSM and BESA as “unprincipled”.

Their electoral math is only focused sustaining those parties on the political scene. We focus on the votes of the citizens, and we will consider forming a coalition after the elections, Osmani said.

DUI is about to have a three-way fight for the pool of Albanian voters against SDSM-BESA and the Alliance of Albanians. DUI helped SDSM form a Government in 2017, but now says that it is open to re-aligning with VMRO-DPMNE and insists that, if it wins the most Albanian votes, it needs to be in the next coalition.

Osmani acknowledged that DUI blackmailed SDSM over the past three years, but insisted that it was done for the benefit of the voters. This includes adopting the law that greatly, and unconstitutionally, expands the use of the Albanian language, as well as the humiliating concessions of the Prespa treaty.