Bulgarian MEP Angel Dzhambazki reacted sharply to the announcement that it is possible to find a solution to the dispute between Macedonia and Bulgaria that will not put anyone in a subordinate position and the veto will be lifted.

He says that such a solution does not exist, primarily due to the attitude of Macedonia and its ruling elite towards Bulgaria, but also because, according to him, when Zoran Zaev is involved in a mission, the mission is doomed to failure.

With President Radev acknowledging that there will be progress in the negotiations with Macedonia in June, a media and political revival took place in Skopje. There was also talk of lifting the veto without “humiliating anyone.” However, the truth is different – even if such formula is found, which I strongly doubt, will not pass without humiliation. Because Bulgaria has been humiliated many times, not only by the media and Bulgarian haters in the Republic of Macedonia, but also by people at the highest level. First of all, from Prime Minister Zaev, who is trying in every way to discredit our country in Europe and in Macedonia – with paid badmouthing, pressure, ridicule and ruthless insolence towards the historical truth. All activities that correspond to the Bolshevik system, but not to the Prime Minister of an EU candidate country, says Dzhambazki.

He agrees with President Pendarovski that there is a need to restore trust with Bulgaria.

At least he acknowledged that there is a lack of trust. But whose fault is it? The answer is simple: og a government that has no diplomatic relations. Both the ruling party and the opposition of Macedonia do not respect the institution with which they negotiate, he said.

Dzhambazki says that although Macedonia is already celebrating a Pyrrhic victory, there will be no such thing, because Bulgaria agrees to continue the dialogue with Macedonia, but does not agree with its crazy ideas, because it would be tantamount to an unforgivable national betrayal.