Eight patients died from coronavirus infection over the past day, the Healthcare Ministry informed. Three of the deaths were in hard hit Gostivar, and two more in Tetovo, cities where the virus spread after the numerous wedding celebrations organized by Albanian emigrants who spend their summer months in their native homes.

Two more deaths were reported in Struga and one in Kocani. The ages of the deceased ranged from 44 to 78. The total death toll of the epidemic now stands at 5,560.

The Ministry also reported 296 new cases – a major drop compared to the past week, but typical of a period covering the weekend. There were 3,480 tests that were conducted.

The number of active cases rose to just under 6,000. Of them, 2,000 are diagnosed in the capital Skopje, 1,172 in Tetovo and 820 in Gostivar.