Skopje and Tirana will not recover for a long time from the slap they received from Brussels. Although it was speculated that Zoran Zaev, the Prime Minister of Macedonia would resign after this failure, he called for early parliamentary elections in a desperate attempt to stay in power.

Laris Gaiser, analyst and professor of geopolitics, who in a series of articles for the Italian newspaper La Verita revealed one of the biggest affairs in the Balkans – “Racket” involving Zaev, Bojan Jovanovski known as Boki 13 and former special prosecutor Katica Janeva, told Serbian newspaper “Alo” that Zaev is trying to present himself as a victim of the war waged inside the European Union (EU).

He shows no willingness to take responsibility. It is true that the blockade by France’s President Emmanuel Macron is part of EU’s internal struggle over a future commission, but at the same time, if Macedonia had the rule of law without systemic corruption backed by the government, then the state could have hoped for start of negotiations. Zaev subdued the whole country to his own interests, turning it into a scandalous corruption machine. He has exceeded the permissible limits. The EU decision is a decision against Zoran Zaev, not against Macedonia. That is the main reason why the European Council did not adopt the final decision on Macedonia, Gaiser told “Alo”.

According to him, the EU did not want to give Zaev an excuse to continue his rule.

Not getting a date means that there is no longer any excuse for staying in power, Gaiser said.

The Italian analyst published Sunday an article in La Verita saying that Zaev was involved in the “Racket” affair and that he had urged prosecutor Wilma Ruskovska to unblock 750,000 euros from Siljan Micevski.