The Davkov family announced it will turn to the Administrative Court, after Education Minister Mila Carovska remained determined to deny Damjan Davkov, 12 year old math wiz, his first place prize.

The Minister’s obstinacy annoyed the public which praised Davkov after the boy beat older high-school students in a math championship. Since he’s an elementary school student, and the competition was meant for high-school students, the Minister insisted that he won’t get the award and the small financial prize.

This is not about the financial prize. We rejected offers from a number of companies who said they will pay us the prize the Ministry denied us. It is about raising awareness for the treatment of talented children in Macedonia. I hope this helps adopt the laws necessary to support such children, said Nikica Davkova, Damjan’s mother, announcing that she is taking the Ministry to the Administrative Court, to challenge Carovska’s decision.