The Government’s education reforms have completely failed. Digitalization of the education is an enormous undertaking and was supposed to be hugely beneficial, but given the fragile infrastructure, the lack of equipment and smartboards, on top of the lack of proper toilets and other basic infrastructure, doomed it from the start, says VMRO-DPMNE official Vesna Janevska.

You first need to have the resources and to properly train the staff before you try to introduce comprehensive education reforms, Janevska said.

Zaev’s Education Minister and leftist activist Mila Carovska is pushing a full digitalization of the education, primarily the textbooks, which led to concerns that it is driven by the need to have the curriculum more easily manipulated. This isi mportant, given Zaev’s continued announcements that he is ready to accept the rewriting of Macedonian national history and redefining of Macedonian identity through the public education.