According to estimates, the COVID-19 situation in the country is set to improve by the end of this week, but I have my reserves because analyses are done on a daily basis. We must realize that everyone is responsible, said Health Minister Venko Filipce on Thursday.

Expectations are based on all available data: number of infections, time of diagnostics and measures undertaken towards detailed analysis of contacts.

However, we are making decisions and recommendations based on two aspects: first, daily analysis of numbers and a detailed analysis of the epidemiological interviews, which provide data that patients give on the manner of transmission, and secondly, the cross-sections from the previous two weeks, said Filipce.

He added that the virus is here and will not disappear, while people must learn to live with it.

The new projections for the outbreak, the epidemiological curve goes as long as 2025, with a forecast of peaks in 2022, Filipce told reporters at the event on the delivery of eight more devices for mechanical ventilation and different units of personal protective equipment as support to Macedonia’s efforts in the COVID-19 pandemic.