The Government is raising the prospect of putting an end to the evening curfew. Deputy Prime Minister Bujar Osmani said that with the dropping numbers of new infections it is possibly time to use different, milder tactics to fight the virus. Osmani, who comes from the ethnic Albanian representing DUI party, cited the evening gatherings for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan as one of the reasons why the measures should be kept in place for a little while longer.

People gather for dinner over Ramadan, and that is why the curfew lasts until 19h, to prevent them from meeting for the iftar dinner. The first proposal will be to reduce the curfew over weekends, have it start at 19h, and then in the coming days we can reduce it even further, Osmani said.

He also proposed the idea of having restaurants and cafes open, provided that guests use masks and sit at a distance of two meters. A similar proposal was made by Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce, who said that restaurants could begin working soon, but only in their open, patio areas.

And the Food and Veterinary Agency ordered that cattle markets can re-open across the country, after a closure of a month and a half. Pigs will not be sold for the time being, and inspectors will require to see full paperwork for the animals, who can be driven from the market only to slaughterhouses or certified farms.