Macedonia doesn’t remember a sadder celebration of the great Ilinden holiday. Without a public gathering, only in the presence of the government, 118 years of the Ilinden Uprising were marked. Stevo Pendarovski will be remembered as the first president who did not want to give a speech at Meckin Kamen. He had previously said that he did not want to give a speech so that he would not be whistled at.

Penarovski was honored only by Prime Minister Zaev, the leader of the opposition Mickoski did not attend, and neither did the Parliament Speaker Xhaferi. However, DUI leader Ali Ahmeti came to Krusevo for the first time.

The central ceremony began with the laying of fresh flowers by President Pendarovski in front of the Meckin Kamen monument and the cultural and artistic program of the Ensemble for Macedonian Folk Dances and Songs “Tanec”, the Ensemble for Albanian Folk Dances and Songs, a Vlatko Stefanovski performance and a performance by the Army Orchestra and speech by Nikola Ristanovski with Ilinden messages.