The diaspora census came down to census of Albanians. Most of the 130,000 registered so far outside Macedonia are ethnic Albanians because Macedonians are boycotting the census.

Highest registration has been recorded in Switzerland, Germany and Italy, and there is a mass boycott among Macedonians living in Australia, US and Canada.

Macedonians believe that this is a political operation and not a statistical one that Zaev must implement as part of the agreement with Ali Ahmeti in order to artificially inflate the Albanian share of the population in Macedonia and the diaspora.

Moreover, Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani and Deputy Prime Minister are fully involved in persuading Albanians to register in the census. They are doing rounds of Albania, Kosovo, Switzerland to drive Albanian registration rates.

A photo from Dortmund shows how the registration takes place, where a large number of Albanians with computers are gathered in a culture center, and the imam in the local mosque also participates in the registration process.