Branko Geroski, the journalist who exposed the criminal activities of people around and in the ruling SDSM party, said Tuesday on a TV Alfa show that he could not say who the “bearded man” or the cleric involved in the Racket 2 scandal was.

Unfortunately, I can’t say more about it. Bishop Timotej today said in a statement that if there was responsibility, I would be also assumed, I suppose, by the church organization where that person is. I can’t point it out because I will commit a misdemeanor and because it is not my statement, I only convey a statement. The church leadership and the prosecutor are also aware, and if they are all aware, let them work and investigate who that person is.

He said that in the Racket 2 affair involving Den Doncev there was an objective abuse of office and posers, but the prime minister himself was not excluded in any way because, during the sale of a private company to a foreign company, there was direct influence, for which there is already solid material evidence, there are letters sent to the Swedish investor, there are conversations held with the Swedish ambassador, with the general manager of that Swedish company, in which the company is discouraged from buying the Macedonian company under the pretext that it is allegedly being investigated at a time when there is no investigation. But later when there is an investigation, it is not up to the prime minister or the director of the Health Insurence Fund or the minister to share the findings of the investigation.

Geroski said that neither Orce Kamcev nor anyone else gave him money to write something and that he had earned all the money from salaries, dividends and stakes in the former Dnevnik and that there is no one who can say that he gave money to Geroski to write. He said the SDSM government is inventing stories to harm his reputation.