This year, the Ministry of Interior was shaken by perhaps one of the biggest scandals in recent history when MoI officers unlawfully issued as many as 215 passports, of which in 2014 to foreign nationals and one Macedonian citizen who acquired a fake identity, thus abusing their official position.

Among the people who obtained a fake identity and a Macedonian passport, were also members of international criminal groups, drug cartels, wanted criminals, and murderers who carried out such acts throughout Europe and the world. Some of the big names were Valid Isa Hamais, a drug trafficker and escaped prisoner, one of the collaborators of the Italian mafia, then Florian Musaj, a drug smuggler from the Albanian gangs Bushi and Baruti, Stefan Djukic from Montenegro, from the Kovacki gang, Lou Volina, Turkish mobster, Jovan Vukotic from the Balkan Skaljarski drug gang, head of the Montenegrin gang, as well as Gjorgji Andonov, Dzadin Ademovski and many other wanted persons. One of the most prominent names is the controversial Turkish businessman Sedat Peker, known to the Turkish public and the Balkans as the boss of the Turkish mafia, who at the time of the scandal made a statement saying that he was a guest at the home of a high-level official in our country.

Regarding the mafia affair, instead of seeing resignations from the top leadership of the Ministry of Interior, it was announced that criminal charges were filed against 10 people and 9 people were arrested, six of them received prison sentences, and one conditional, but there was responsibility from the top leadership of the Ministry of Interior, which in fact issues and signs personal documents, and none of them entered into any procedure, nor was investigated by the judicial authorities, nor did bear any responsibility for the international scandal.

Many cases, scandals and affairs just in the past few years were not resolved or got proper investigation, with some of them suspected to be leading to top government officials.

Macedonia has become a country where the most internationally wanted criminals can change their identity and possess Macedonian citizenship without any senior government official being held accountable for that. Macedonia is a country where vaccines are late for months, and the Government makes dubious payments for their purchase. Macedonia is a country where justice is not delivered, and the real culprits are not held accountable.