The magazine of high-school students “High-school voice” called on Education Minister Mila Carovska to give up on the plan to cancel printed textbooks and replace them with digital books. The reaction is mainly given Carovska’s long standing plans to rewrite history books and other textbooks to fit demands from neighboring countries such as Greece and Bulgaria.

We remind the minister that 25,000 children still don’t go to schools, they lack electricity let alone computers. Why does the Minister conduct expensive experiments on us?, the magazine asked. “We call on you to stop these reforms, leave the print textbooks in use – they are the basis of our education system. And return pupils to in-person schooling which is badly necessary”.

Carovska is facing protests in high-schools after she announced her latest plan to rewrite the books. The initial plan, by canceling classes in the elementary schools and combining subjects such as history, geography and civics in one broad class, seems on hold for now.