The Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MANU) issued a proclamation about the Macedonian language, which seeks to underline the scientific grounding of the uniqueness of the language as it is under pressure as part of the on-going negotiations with the Macedonian national identity. Bulgaria generally considers the Macedonian language to be a dialect of the Bulgarian and is currently party to tense talks over the Macedonian history that were initiated under the 2017 friendship treaty.

According to the proclamation, MANU insists that the best wat to protect the Macedonian language is to have secure funding for its study and promotion abroad. MANU also wants to have the Macedonian language used as a binding agent within the different ethnic groups in Macedonia – another principle that is under assault with the promotion of bilingualism on the part of the Zaev regime.

We need to create conditions to use the Macedonian language in its important societal and cultural role to integrate our country. It is only possible through systematic and coordinated scientific study of the Macedonian language at all levels, at home and abroad, MANU says in its proclamation.