The attitude of the government towards the commemoration of Goce Delcev is not surprising and it is a wrong strategy. If they think that this will satisfy the Bulgarians, they are lying to temselves, a sense of sympathy and indulgence will not be achieved. Bending the back does not achieve success, former ambassador Marjan Gjorcev said on the “Sto ne e jasno” show on TV Alfa.

He says that the attitudes of the government are wrong that there was no need to do it now, but instead to show unity.

We need to show that Goce Delcev is the key figure, the symbol of the Macedonian revolutionary struggle. If we show unity here, Bulgarians will ask themselves that Macedonia has strong views on our identity. The key to our relationship with Bulgaria is unity and Bulgaria will see it as a monolith that can not be broken, said Gjorcev.

He added that Macedonia in the negotiations should show consistency and courage and must have reciprocity for both the minority and the guarantees, if Bulgaria seeks guarantees, we should seek guarantees for our identity, language and our culture and history.