Skopje Mayor Danela Arsovska held a briefing for the press during which she explained her reasons for canceling the rapid bus transit (BRT) plan promoted by her predecessor Petre Silegov.

I must say that, from what we saw, the project is not only not revolutionary, it would have been harmful to the interests of the city of Skopje, Arsovska said.

She added that the Council of the city did not approve the idea, which would have placed lanes for buses in the middle of several key boulevards, through which the buses would ride faster, and with less stops. The idea would have endangered the main water pipe supplying the city and would have led to awkward bus stops in the middle of some of the busiest boulevards.

Arsovska said that, instead of this plan, she will put in place fully free of charge public transit by purchasing more buses and subsidizing the transportation. She said that this will be implemented in two years.