Macedonia’s Foreign Ministry (MFA) said Wednesday it has no information as to whether Macedonian nationals have gone to Ukraine to fight after the Russian Defense Ministry revealed that among the foreign mercenaries fighting alongside the Ukrainians were more than 70 Macedonian nationals.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not have relevant information related to the possible participation of our citizens in the war in Ukraine, nor the deaths of our citizens in the war. We are constantly and carefully monitoring the situation, through the embassy in Ukraine. As soon as there is new information, the public will be informed, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs told MIA.

The authorities in Moscow published a table of foreign mercenaries fighting on the side of Ukraine. Among the countries from which mercenaries come to Ukraine is Macedonia. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, since the beginning of the war, 79 Macedonian citizens have fought on the Ukrainian side, of which 26 have been killed, 21 have returned, and 32 people from the country are still active on the front.