VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said on the “24 Analysis” show that the latest proposal from France does not promise the start of negotiations, it is just a photo session in Brussels. Nowhere is it said to start negotiations, but additional constitutional changes that should include the Bulgarian demands.

There is no chance as long as I am president, if I am president to allow them to be included and the constitution to undergo changes with this negotiating framework. In this context, the second thing to say is that the Good Neighborly Agreement becomes part of the negotiation process along with a protocol that no one alive knows. If we do not change the textbooks tomorrow, then they will say that they are violating the Agreement and that is the protocol to veto. The main player is the President of Bulgaria, Trifonov is a political player. Radev is the main creator of politics and inviolable and now we compare him with a showman. If he says that proposal is good, why does no one talk about the German proposal during the time of Merkel’s government, from their presidency, where did it disappear? Let’s talk about the Portuguese proposal, which our government accepted, did not they say we accept it. Let’s talk about everything that used to be. Why that was not good for Radev, and suddenly this is a good proposal, the best. Now we as serious people need to think about what we do and where we go? And should we think at all and waste time or should we reject it immediately. Because every day tactics of the Government means that this proposal is the next negotiating position and we go up as far as the Bulgarian demands are concerned. This in no way shows responsibility by the Government, which is silent, said Mickoski.