Zoran Zaev is negotiating about the identity. He negotiates about the identity and lies to the entire Macedonian public without blinking an eye. From the statements of the historians from the commissions we learn that the Bulgarian side opposes the term Macedonian which directly means our identity, while Zaev persistently convinces us that he does not negotiate about the identity and history. The Bulgarian side says that the adjective Macedonian is being discussed at a higher level, which in translation would mean that Zoran Zaev is trading, VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski said in his address at Saturday’s protest held under the motto “Zaev’s resignation, freedom of the people”.

Mickoski says the lie has been revealed in just 12 hours.

How come in less than 12 hours, from the position the atmosphere is good, there is progress in the talks to come to making headlines in the media that the talks are a fiasco. That’s because he’s lying. Wasn’t everything in the minds of us VMRO members? Zaev lied when he swore on all that he holds dearest, while he traded with the identity, the history, with Macedonia.

Today, says Mickoski, he lies again when he says that he does not negotiate about the identity, the language, the history, and the historical commissions deny and claim the exact opposite. He also lies when he says that there is progress. He lies shamelessly without blinking an eye!

Mickovski pointed out that 10 days had passed, and Zaev did not withdraw his scandalous statements, on the contrary, today we heard him say that he did not regret at all what he said in the schocking interview with a Bulgarian news agency.

Zaev’s strategy is playing with words, a manipulation in which he will present the defeats as protection of identity. So we will hear that a shared and common history was the same thing, that our language exists from ASNOM onwards, that is, a tree without roots… man do not play with our intelligence, Mickoski said.