The Healthcare Ministry will ask the Government to issue a decree tomorrow to begin fining citizens who don’t wear masks immediately. During his press conference today, Minister Venko Filipce said that he observed that many citizens fail to wear masks, as they were told, starting this week.

I want to again appeal to the public that they follow the measure as it is given, that they wear masks in all closed public spaces and in the open when they can’t keep a distance of two meters. I thank the citizens who respect the measure which is a key part of the fight against the virus. But many citizens are either not wearing masks or wear them improperly. All the measures that were introduced so far bore results and if we follow this measure dutifully it will help us protect ourselves and our offspring, Filipce said.

Fines will be 20 EUR for individuals and 2.000 EUR for companies ho don’t provide masks for their employees. The order was given after the Government agreed to reduce the evening and weekend curfews. The plan was that citizens are initially just warned by police officers when they are found without masks.