Goce Delcev is one of the brightest characters on whose postulates the modern Macedonian state rests, said the vice president of VMRO-DPMNE, Vlado Misajlovski, regarding the growing speculation that the government of Zoran Zaev will declare him a Bulgarian hero.

Misjalovski points out that the significance that Goce Delcev has for the Macedonian history is a reason not to allow his name to be put in any negotiations or political bargaining.

Therefore, in order to express revolt for the government’s attempts to erase the Macedonian identity of Goce Delcev, VMRO-DPMNE will stage a protest on Tuesday (September 15) at 18:30 h to express support for EU membership, Macedonia and Goce Delcev who is the Macedonian existence and the Macedonian identity.

He is part of our identity and a red line for our dignity. Zaev’s government is negotiating with our eastern neighbor precisely over him and historical facts far from the eyes of the public. Trading with his name and existence means trading with our existence and what we are and will continue to be, that is Macedonians. In the meantime, there is no progress on the road to the European Union. The European Union remains another unfulfilled promise of Zoran Zaev and his government. We heard no idea, no plan. Let us remind you that this is a Government that is ready to give up on everything, only for its personal salvation and the salvation of several careers of the people who lead it, said Misajlovski.

He points out that this is a very sensitive period and a time when our historians who are part of the negotiating teams need our support to defend the truth about Goce and not succumb to bargaining and political pressures.