The Government’s attempt to defocus the public from its own crimes is desperate and unsuccessful folklore of pressures for the constitutional amendments, that won’t happen, marija Miteva, VMRO-DPMNE spokesperson said on Friday commenting of the high level arrests carried out on Thursday night and Friday morning.

“Vladimir Todoroviky is not a mayr for ten years now, and is out of politics for the same period. To open a case after ten years, while the Vice-PM Artan Grubi walks freely around, after his closest family bought attractive real estate for pennies, when a 25-year old businessman, Drin Ahmeti, Ali Ahmeti’s nephew,  pays several million of euros for a business center, when Den Donchev, former Director of the Macedonian Health Fund, escaped from the country after he was literally taped counting piles of money paid for bribes, when PM Kovachevski grants concessions to his wife, when the Government spends €170 million to select a criminal supervision for the construction of the corridors 8/10d… And having all this going on, the Government deals with Todoroviky, which is a brutal political prosecution, defocusing from the Government’s crimes, proves the panic in the ruling parties’ ranks”, Miteva said.