VMRO-DPMNE member of Parliament Rasela Mizrahi said that the opposition can’t continue to provide quorum to the thin SDSM led majority. SDSM asked VMRO for help to get to 61 votes so that sessions of Parliament can begin, and VMRO agreed to this, provided the urgent bills are put first and that the scheduled votes of no confidence in several members of the Government also take place. But at the first such vote, about Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski, VMRO-DPMNE representatives were not allowed to state their case and ask questions, allegedly because of a technicality.

The opposition can’t provide quorum to the ruling majority. If it does, some amendments from the opposition must be accepted, Mizrahi said.

SDMS has only 62 votes in the 120 seat Parliament, and only a few abstentions, due to Covid or other reasons, are enough to prevent the coalition from even convening the Parliament which requires 61 votes.