One of the stars of the game in Tbilisi, where a win for Macedonia secured its place in the European Championship, is Toni Stojanovski, sportscaster for the Macedonian public MRTV television, where most of the country watched the game.
At a time when Macedonia is being pressured to change its name and re-write its history, a process that is very noticeable on the Government ran MRTV channel, Stojanovski did not hold back and pore his heart out cheering for the team, dropping the imposed use of the name “North Macedonia”.

Rejoice Macedonia. Our football players are going to the big league. Macedonia is going to the European Championship! They are denying our name, our nation and our origin, and yet here we are in Europe! Here we come, with all the rest, the countries we brought literacy to, they will stand still at our anthem. This is for all, Orthodox Christians, Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, all who play for our team, telling those who lead our country that they must take good care for it. Macedonia will live on!!!, Stojanovski exclaimed.