The director of the Financial Police, Arafat Muaremi, is expected to file the announced criminal complaint against the prosecutors who broke into his office to the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office today, reported Alsat-M.

The complaints against Vilma Ruskovska, Ivana Trajceva and Elizabeta Josifovska from the Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecution of Organized Crime refer to abuse of official position and falsification of an official document.

Unofficially, the report is based on the report from the supervision of the Basic Prosecutor’s Office of Ljubomir Joveski, in which a series of irregularities were ascertained during the control performed in the Financial Police by the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime.

According to the Financial Police, prosecutors submitted false and untrue data to the court in order to obtain a search warrant, without complying with the Law on Criminal Procedure.

On the other hand, prosecutor Ruskovska, after the announcement of the complaints by Muaremi, pointed out that she is under pressure and warned that she will publish the findings she claims to have against Muaremi.