We are on a two-day working visit to Bruxelles, along with Chairman Hristijan Mickoski and Vice-Chair Aleksandar Nikolovski, which will involve numerous meetings. We finished our meeting with Simon Mordue, Chief Foreign Policy Advisor to the European Council’s President Charles Michel”, Timcho Mutsunski, VMRO-DPMNE Vice-Chair told Alfa TV.

Mutsunski also informed that they will continue with a meeting with the MEP Christian Sagartz, one of the EU Parliament rapporteurs on Macedonia. On Wednesday they will have several meetings, including with the President of the European People’s Party, Manfred Weber, as well as with the Vice-President David McAllister, who also chairs the European Parliament Commission on Foreign Affairs.

“Our primary goal is to reaffirm VMRO-DPMNE’s positions directed toward the protection of the national interests, and perceiving the EU integration path through that prism, then the rejection of the constitutional amendments under this circumstances and the Bulgarian diktat and, finally, our assessment that the Macedonia’s EU integration path should be perceived through the prism of the   real Eu criteria”, Mutsunski said.

He added that  with their interlocutors they also discuss the concerning situation in Macedonia and the ever more present corruption in every segment of the state.

“We are conveying that our focus is on the solutions. It is easy to map the problem, anyone can do that, but  our responsibility as a serious political subject, is to offer solutions to all problems and  challenges”, Mutsunski reported.