The VMRO-DPMNE Parliament Caucus met on Tuesday with the Vice-Chair of the Polish Seim, Rishald Tarletsky, who is leading a delegation of the Polish Seim visiting Skopje.

Tarletsky and the Caucus Coordinator Nikola Micevski shared their opinions on the process of the country’s accession into the EU, in the context  of the new geopolitical circumstances.

Micevski said that VMRO-DPMNE, the largest opposition party, is firmly remaining  on the EU path, hence it submitted four proposals aimed to protect the Macedonian identity and secure its EU integration, which have not been considered by the Government as of yet.

“To us, EU continues to be a goal our country has to achieve. We expect realization of this idea by clear standards and principles, and by respecting the Copenhagen criteria”, Mickovski told his Polish guest.

Torletsjy, on his part, stressed that Poland is supporter of the EU enlargement, especially with the countries it considers as close form numerous aspects, among which is Macedonia, as well.

“We continue to consider the EU as a very good project, which we joined in 2004. Circumstances are much different now, but it is still easier for the countries to solve their disputes if they are inside the Union”, Torletsky said.