The Kod investigative program reports that a fourth Macedonian was involved in the growing Armenia Scandal, in which it was revealed that three diplomats helped the brother of the former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan flee Yerevan in 2018.
The fourth person is an engineer by the name of Branislav Dimitrijevic. According to Kod, he was hired to work on a highway project in Armenia that was awarded to a Spanish company. This is the project over which corruption and influence peddling charges were filed against Levon Sargsyan.

The group of three diplomats flew into Yerevan in October 2018, and were accompanied by a man from Macedonia named Zoran Spirov. They were allegedly carrying a Macedonian passport under an assumed identity meant for Levon Sargsyan. Spirov’s passport was given to Dimitrijevic, who left the country with the chartered plane. Spirov was left behind and he tried to report that he lost his passport, which led the Armenian authorities to uncover the plot.

Milenkoski was recently arrested in Serbia on an Armenian warrant, prompting a major scandal, after it became clear that Macedonian Foreign Ministry resources were used to extract Levon Sargsyan from Armenia, helping him avoid a corruption investigation.