VMRO-DPMNE Vice President Aleksandar Nikoloski addressed the people of Kavadarci at Friday’s protest. Macedonia is currently experiencing its biggest crisis since independence until today, Nikolski said, pointing the blame at the address of the old-new criminal coalition of SDSM and DUI.

The state does not remember such a crisis since its independence. Such a crisis can be solved only by the greatest minds that this country has, the best, patriots, honest sons and daughters of this Macedonia. Zaev’s resignation so that this government leaves as soon as possible. To form a government of national unity supported by all political parties that will solve these three problems and then go to early parliamentary elections that will bring about change in Macedonia, said Nikoloski.

He stressed that early parliamentary elections are needed to preserve the Macedonian national dignity and the uniqueness of the Macedonian people and the language, culture and identity.

Nikoloski announced that on the 100th day since the formation of this old new coalition of crime and lies, VMRO-DPMNE will submit a motion of no confidence in the government of Zoran Zaev and that at least several MPs from the ruling coalition who do not agree with this national betrayal together with the opposition will vote no confidence in the government of Zoran Zaev.