Today, for the second day, we resume at over 300 locations throughout Macedonia by collecting signatures for submitting a law in the Parliament of Macedonia for revoking the disputed census law. We believe that the large turnout of citizens, 25,000 signatures in just one day, and today we expect to reach the number of 40,000 signatures which means that by the end of this whole action which will last 21 days, we will go much over 100,000 signatures. All this shows that the people, the citizens of Macedonia, the Macedonian people and all others living in Macedonia do not agree with such a census, with a census that is political, not statistical, a census that does not respect the rules of Eurostat, a census that which means discrimination and census which means political agreement, VMRO-DPMNE vice president Aleksandar Nikoloski said on Sunday.

He said such a census must not pass and that is why Macedonian citizens from all cities and villages are signing the initiative to nullify the census law for a second day.

I am convinced that when the huge number of signatures in the Parliament arrives, which I can say today will be much higher than the originally projected number of 100,000, that the MPs will adopt the proposal of VMRO-DPMNE and this census law which is not in line with the criteria and recommendations of Eurostat and is political, and not statistically it will be nullified, he said.