The daily coronavirus report contains no deaths from the illness, and 166 newly diagnosed cases. The new cases were found in 1,756 tests – most of them were in Skopje (46) and Kumanovo (17).

The number of active cases is estimated at 2,191, indicating a continued decline. The most active cases are found in Skopje (744), Kumanovo (281) and Gostivar (157). In Skopje, the high density Aerodrom district has the most cases (103) while the majority Muslim areas like Cair and Saraj, who bore the brunt of the Second Wave of the epidemic, are now in double digits of active cases, like all other municipalities in the city.

There were 14 patients admitted to the two main clinics in Skopje which treat the most severe cases. There are now 101 patients in the two clinics, including two who are on mechanical ventilation. There are also 13 adults and two children treated at the Kozle clinic in Skopje, and a total of 170 patients in general hospitals across the country.