There is no signature on the annex to the Collective Agreement, which requires the correction of the salaries to the employees in the healthcare sector, the Health Committee of VMRO-DPMNE informed on its Facebook page.

❗️The position of the Health Committee of VMRO-DPMNE is that the “agreed” correction regarding the increase in the salaries of nurses, x-ray technicians, laboratory technicians and all other healthcare workers is underestimating and humiliating compared to the complex activity, responsibility and their work

❌️ Humiliating “contracts” that do not correspond to the requirements, and non-compliance with the Collective Agreement leads to demotivation and the departure of quality staff
❌ 11 thousand employees suffer because the agreement is not respected, public healthcare is neglected, no work is done on better infrastructure

❗️ The dissatisfaction of public healthcare workers culminated in a warning protest in all hospitals at the same time
❗️ There is an urgent need to take responsibility for these harmful policies, the damage of which is to the entire health system in the long term