Former Transportation Minister Mile Janakieski, who is the “favorite” target of the Zaev regime, is again facing a situation where he can’t physically attend the trials in all the cases against him.

Today Janakieski had a hearing in a case initiated by the disgraced Special Prosecutor’s Office about the contract with a Chinese company to build two major highways in Macedonia, and at 11h he had a hearing in the trail over the April 27 incident in the Parliament.

He has more hearings than there are days in the week, said defense attorney Elenko Milanov, insisting that it is impossible for Janakieski to prepare a proper defense with this rate of trials and hearings.

Janakieski is charged in nearly dozen politically motivated trails, many of them meant to ensnare former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski. After Gruevski received political asylum in Hungary, Janakieski remained as the main target of attack, while other former VMRO officials, who apparently cut deals with the regime, are either pardoned outright or have their cases sidetracked.