President Stevo Pendarovski called for action on the Telegram chat group where users were sharing pictures of underage girls or doxxing and threatening girls and women.

We want the institutions to investigate the case appropriately and all violators should be prosecuted and punished. There must be immediate response. We can’t allow a culture of impunity, Pendarovski said.

Yesterday a girl who had a photo she posted on Instagram picked up by the group and shared along with her phone number, asked that the group is broken up so that other girls and women are protected.

The “Public Room” group was subject to an investigation last year and the administrators were identified, but it has since resurfaced. At the peak it had over 7,000 users and it’s possible that the publicity actually increased interest and drove people to Telegram. The Interior Ministry said it is trying to contact Telegram, which it accused of being closed for cooperation with all other countries.