President Stevo Pendarovski received Friday the credentials of the Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, Dimitris Yannakakis.

Expressing satisfaction with the opening of a new chapter in relations between the two countries with considerable potential for their further enrichment and promotion, President Pendarovski noted that this step was due, in the first place, to the two countries’ commitment to building good neighborly relations based on principles of mutual trust and transparency.

The Prespa Agreement creates great opportunities for continuous and significant promotion of co-operation in all fields and building partnerships as it befits two neighboring countries sharing Euro-Atlantic values, President Pendarovski said, stressing that our country in the spirit of good neighborliness is ready for further commitment and substantial cooperation with Greece, which is of interest to the citizens of both countries and their well-being.

President Pendarovski expressed expectation that the focus of further co-operation would be on promoting the already good economic situation.

Thanking for the warm welcome, Ambassador Yannakakis noted that he was honored to be appointed the first Greek ambassador to Macedonia and said that since 2016, having served as head of the Greek liaison office in Skopje, the Prespa Agreement has been signed, ratified and enacted, which led Greece to support Macedonia’s accession to NATO and the EU, the Ambassador stressed, adding that its full and timely implementation is of vital importance to relations between the two countries.

The Greek ambassador stated that the common interest of both countries is the democratic stability and security of the region, the security and safety of their borders, as well as the prosperity and development of the region.